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The Abyss of Hell - Sandro Botticelli

In Judeo-Christian traditions, Abaddon is known both as a “place of destruction” and a personified entity of destruction, though in most writings, it is primarily the former. Abaddon in the Old Testament The name Abaddon is derived from its Hebrew root, meaning ‘to destroy.’ It is used six times throughout the Wisdom literature in the Old Testament. Proverbs 15:11, 27:20 … [Read more...]

Appeasing the Rain God In Belize: A Mayan Journey into Xibalba


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to tour Actun Tunichil Muknal, a Mayan cave discovered in 1989 in Cayo, Belize. We were lucky enough to join a guided tour (the site is only accessible through licensed guides) and made our way into the depths of the cave. Our tour guide likened the venture into the cave as the hero twins' journey into Xibalba as recounted in the … [Read more...]

666 or 616 – Which is the Real Number of the Beast?

The number of the beast is 666 - William Blake

MTV is reporting that legions of metalheads might have to switch up their number of the beast - from 666 to 616 - according to a recently found manuscript of Revelation. According to the article The recent 616 discovery, which was found in a collection of documents recovered in Egypt, isn't exactly a whole new revelation. While it dates back the furthest, other ancient … [Read more...]

Christ’s Descent into Hell in the Teachings of Silvanus

Descent into Hell - Duccio

[box]This is part 3 of a 3-part series on Christ's Descent Into Hell: Part 1 - Christ’s Descent Into Hell: A Background and New Testament References Part 2 - Christ’s Descent Into Hell in the Odes of Solomon[/box] The Teachings of Silvanus (Sil) (CG VII,4) was unknown before the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library. It is one of the only texts found in the NHL that is … [Read more...]

Cosmic Dualism: The Great Battle Between Michael and Belial in The War Scroll

St. Michael - Raphael

The War Scroll (1QM), found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, provides a vivid, detailed description of the escalating battle between good and evil, which will eventually climax with good overcoming evil. Such language is rarely found in the Hebrew Bible - with the possible exception being Daniel 10:20-21's description of the struggle between Michael and Gabriel against the princes … [Read more...]