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The Abyss of Hell - Sandro Botticelli

Abaddon, the “place of destruction” is synonymous with Sheol in Proverbs and Job. In later writings, such as the Book of Revelation, Abaddon is personified as the king of the abyss who can command an army of locusts to torment men who aren’t marked with the seal of God.

Appeasing the Rain God In Belize: A Mayan Journey into Xibalba


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to tour Actun Tunichil Muknal, a Mayan cave discovered in 1989 in Cayo, Belize. Our tour guide likened the venture into the cave as the hero twins’ journey into Xibalba as recounted in the Popul Voh.

666 or 616 – Which is the Real Number of the Beast?

The number of the beast is 666 - William Blake

A new manuscript of Revelation has been found that substitutes 616 for 666.

Christ’s Descent into Hell in the Teachings of Silvanus

Descent into Hell - Duccio

The Teachings of Silvanus was discovered among Nag Hammadi Library. The texts contain 2 descent myths that build upon previous concepts established earlier.

Cosmic Dualism: The Great Battle Between Michael and Belial in The War Scroll

St. Michael - Raphael

The War Scroll (1QM), found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, provides a vivid, detailed description of the escalating battle between good and evil.