1.3 Grading Policy

1.3.1 Course Assignments

[callout]In order to complete the course and receive your Certificate of Completion, you must complete:

  • all lesson quizzes – most lessons have short 2-3 question quizzes to help you master the course material
  • all module exams – most modules have exams that cover all lessons within the module and have about 10 questions
  • “mark complete” all lessons & modules – each lesson has a button that you must click to mark the lesson complete to track your progress

Quiz and exam questions are primarily multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching. You can attempt the quizzes and exams multiple times until you pass.[/callout]

1.3.2 Forum Discussions

[callout]Most lessons will have optional course discussion questions that you can respond to in the designated course forum. These are not required to complete the course or receive your course certificate.[/callout]