American Demons: List of Demons in the Americas

In Native and Meso-American beliefs, "demons" tended to be supernatural deities capable of destruction as well as good. Often, these "evil" entities were the foes of gods/goddesses primarily worshiped or were personifications of acts of nature (e.g. hurricanes, winds, etc) that could wreck havoc on every day life. Read profiles of demons, tricksters and evil spirits within the various Native American, Aztec, Mayan and other Meso-American cultures below. Visit the Demon FAQ for more info on my philosophy behind the classifications.

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In Navajo mythology, skinwalkers, aka Yenaldooshi, are witches who wear coyote skins and travel at night.

Vucub Caquix

7 macaw

In Mayan mythology, Vucub Caquix, Seven Macaw, was a large bird that dwelled on the surface of the world after the flood.



The tzitzimime were celestial demons in Aztec mythology that continuously threaten to destroy the world.


Tornarsuk - Dictionnaire Infernal

Tornarsuk is the ruling spirit higher than the Tornaq (a shaman’s familiar).


Aztec earth deity, Tlaltechuhtli. Detail from stone sculpture, Late Postclassic period

Tlaltecuhtli (“Earth Lord”) was a large earth monster in Aztec mythology.