Assyrian Empire

Ancient Assyria was a Semitic empire that flourished from the 25th century BCE to around 605 BCE. Situated in northern Mesopotamia along the Tigris river, the Assyrian society became powerful and was known for agricultural and technical advances. Read articles about the ancient Assyrians below.

Ancient Semitic Defenses against Demons


With so many types of demons wrecking havoc on human lives, the Babylonians, Assyrians and early Jews concocted numerous ways to deal with their menacing foes. One of their key weapons were in the form of rituals stressing the demon’s name.

Babylonian and Assyrian Demonology

Demon looking to the valley - Mikhail Vrubel

The belief in demons and evil spirits predates Judeo-Christian theology. The ancient Babylonian and Assyrian cultures both had extensive demon classifications. This overview of Babylonian and Assyrian demonology explains the various classes of demons.


Winged bull - Palace of Darius I - Susa, Iran

In Babylonian and Assyrian religions, Shedim was a generic name like the Hebrew and Christian word spirit.