Demon FAQ

How do you define “Demon” for the purposes of this site?

Each world religion or tradition seems to have its own idea of what is considered evil. In some cases, these ideas are similar if not identical, whereas in other cases, these ideas are almost as complete opposites.

When you begin to look within religions, you find many, many interpretations of what evil is and how it came to be in the world. Religions that have an omnipotent God, such as Judaism and Christianity, have some of the most elaborate constructions for the existence of evil, while religions such as Hinduism tend to have gods and goddesses with both positive and negative aspects. Native Americans personify the destructive qualities of nature, such as the whirlwind.

So, to encompass all of these types of entities on my pages, I am choosing to define “demon” as an entity who meets one or more of the following characteristics (yes, they are vague):

  1. Relates in some way to the Judeo-Christian devil
  2. Is identified by a prominent demonologist as a demon
  3. Relates to the “trickster” archetype defined by CG Jung
  4. Is associated with Death or the Underworld
  5. Has a destructive side (ie kills, drinks blood, causes destruction for fun, etc)
  6. Is associated with a destructive force of nature (ie Whirlwind)

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Where does this info on demons come from?

I cite my sources in the references section of each page. If you are unfamiliar with extra-biblical writings, I encourage you to read the article, How Do We Know About Traditions Outside the Bible.

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I find it offensive that you’ve said – insert deity – is a demon. What do you have to say?

The purpose of my site is not to offend but to explain the mythologies. I’ve defined the term ‘demon’ as I’m using it for this site in question 1. Not everyone will agree with this classification. So be it. I’ve come to learn that I’ll never please everyone all the time. If you’d like a lengthier response, you can read my response to a few angry emails I’ve received about Hindu deities included as ‘demons’ on this page.

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Why didn’t you include – insert Demon -?

Like any website, this one is a work in progress. It is highly doubtful that this site will ever include every “demon” that has ever existed to a culture. And I simply don’t have that kind of time. My own interest tends to lie more with the way the culture handles evil rather than specific entities. If I come across one I find interesting, I may add it, but for the most part, I’m more interested in the culture’s overarching belief system rather than a few minor entities.

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Can you email me more information about < insert name/subject here >?

Sorry, no. I provide quite a bit of information on this website along with resources to help you further your research. Google is a great resource.

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I think I’ve had an encounter with a demon. What was it?

Again, sorry, I don’t know. Any potential encounter with a spiritual entity is highly subjective and open to interpretation. Most of the questions I receive fall along the nature of seeing shadows or hearing voices during those states between deep sleep and waking up. This is perfectly normal and is known as sleep paralysis.

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Do demons exist? How can I summon one? How can I rid myself of one?

I’ve provided my thoughts in these articles: The Nature of Demons (My Own Philosophy), How to Summon a Demon, and How to Rid Yourself of Demons.

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I’m interested in magick, demonology, witchcraft, etc. Can you recommend some good books?

Sure, I have a number of book recommendations in my book section that cover a number of topics. In addition,

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I think I’ve found an error. How do I contact you?

Due to the large amount of spam I receive, I no longer post my email address on this website. Please use this contact form.

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