What’s your background?

I started this website as a freshman in college back in 1995-96. A little about my background – I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with majors in Biological Basis of Behavior (basically neuroscience) and Religious Studies. Now, I don’t work in either of those subjects professionally, so this site is a side hobby.

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Why’d you create this site?

In 1996, creating a website was what all the *kewl* kids did! It more or less grew out of my religious studies research in college and blossomed from there. I’m interested in why people believe the things they do, what they believe, and how they practice those beliefs (hence my majors were strongly psychology and/or liberal arts focused). Regardless, my site is kind of a collection of my thoughts and research over the years…

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Why the name ‘Deliriumsrealm’?

Delirium was my favorite character in Neil Gaiman’s excellent Sandman graphic novel series. Much of what I was researching seemed like it would fall under Delirium’s realm – the chaos and power struggles and mass hysteria.

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What is the purpose of the site?

There are four main themes I try to stick with:

1. Philosophy of religion – Definitions for how people have explained the being/principle called “God” throughout history and arguments for whether God exists. This is critical for understanding how different cultures describe and deal with “evil.” I only be deal with this generally as a starting point to describe evil – ie is evil the absence of good?

2. The problem of evil – The philosophical concept that philosophers and theologians have asked since virtually the beginning of time which asks – if there is a God, how can He/She/It allow evil to occur in the world? What is evil and how can we define it?

3. Personifications of evil – This gets into the descriptions of various demons on my website and will explain how concepts/perceptions of evil evolved over time. Eventually, it will also include historical descriptions of hell and damnation – including Dante’s Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost.

4. The end times and apocalypticism – Finally, the ultimate battle between good/God and evil/Satan. I tend to stick mainly to Christian perspectives, though I will throw in references to other dualistic traditions when applicable.

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Can I use your content in my novel, site, research, etc?

Certainly. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Most of the artwork used is within the public domain. If you need help citing it, see our citations page.

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How can I support this website?

Deliriumsrealm.com is a hobby site of mine that started way back in 1995 and has grown to what you see today. You can support the site in a variety of ways:

  1. Make your purchases through my Amazon.com links.
  2. Buy merchandise through my CafePress store.

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I’ve found an error or have a reference you should add. How do I contact you?

Please fill out the email form on this page. I used to post my email address, but unfortunately I’ve been bombarded with a ton of spam recently.

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What happened to the forum? Will you bring it back?

Unfortunately, the forum is dead. Spam killed it with a SQL inject, affecting most posts. The only solution was to go post-by-post, deleting any offending content, and I just didn’t have that kind of time.

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Why don’t you enable comments?

I keep comments off for reasons similar to why I don’t plan to bring the forum back:

1. Not enough time: Managing visitor feedback is a big time commitment with little reward. This site is my hobby and doesn’t come anywhere close to paying me even a part-time income, so I’d rather spend that time on more productive endeavors.

2. Too much spam: Even with WordPress’ spam plugins, some spam still gets through. People post anonymously with keyword-driven names, linking to questionable websites, or adding valueless/questionable comments.

3. Too many trolls: While I would love to have a productive debate, the reality is that most people would rather troll or spew hate than contribute to civil discussion. Whenever you post on a controversial topic (like religion), you will get a higher-than-normal percentage of haters, trolls and other unpleasant people. I get enough hate mail through the contact form.

That said, you can connect with DeliriumsRealm via Twitter or Google+.