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Problem of Evil: Why Bad Things Happen

God the Father (from Altar of Philip the Bold) - Melchior Broederlam, 1399

The Problem of Evil in Christian theology involves addresses what appears to be a logical contradiction. If God is an omnipotent, all-knowing, morally perfect being, why does he allow evil to exist in the world? Presumably, He could prevent evil from existing if He wanted to, so why does He allow bad things to happen?

Perceptions of Evil – What is Evil?

The Riot or Scene of Revolution, or Destruction of Sodome - Honore Daumier

What is evil? Every culture has grappled with defining the term – creating a complex mythology of demons, tricksters and evil spirits in the process. Should evil be used solely for individual or group actions that intentionally cause harm? Or should it also include natural evils like cancer, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions that cause mass destruction. Does evil exist as a fundamental part of the human psyche or is it enforced by supernatural beings like Satan, demons, etc?

A Brief History of Halloween in America


Of all the holidays, Halloween stands out as the best example of the quintessential American “melting pot,” that is, a melange of beliefs, rituals, or traditions, both religious or pagan, that stem from all cultures living in America.

Why People Believe Strange Things


Why do people think they see the Virgin Mary on cheese sandwiches or hear Satanic lyrics in Stairway to Heaven? Listen to Michael Shermer’s talk to find out.

Morality: How Do You Decide Right From Wrong?

The Remorse of Nero After the Murder of His Mother - John William Waterhouse

Are moral decisions based on emotion or logic? As it turns out, the answer is both.