Demonology: The Study of Evil Spirits

Demonology is the study of demons, evil spirits, and more generally, supernatural entities considered to be malevolent. Many religions - specifically Judaism and Christianity - are known to adopt the gods and goddesses of pagan cultures as demonic spirits, so what is considered "evil" or a "demon" is often subjective. Read articles about demonology below.

Ancient Semitic Demon Possession and Exorcism


How did ancient semites deal with demon possession? Once a person came under the influence of demons, generally an exorcism was the only remedy. Here are some strategies sorcerer-priests used to banish evil spirits including magical preparations using various objects, incantations, and various magical rituals.

Ancient Semitic Defenses against Demons


With so many types of demons wrecking havoc on human lives, the Babylonians, Assyrians and early Jews concocted numerous ways to deal with their menacing foes. One of their key weapons were in the form of rituals stressing the demon’s name.

Babylonian and Assyrian Demonology

Demon looking to the valley - Mikhail Vrubel

The belief in demons and evil spirits predates Judeo-Christian theology. The ancient Babylonian and Assyrian cultures both had extensive demon classifications. This overview of Babylonian and Assyrian demonology explains the various classes of demons.

Reader Q&A: Is Lucifer related to the planet Venus?


A reader asks what Lucifer’s relation is to the planet Venus since both are referred to as Day Star.

Reader Q&A: The Demon Tatarigami

Tatarigami from Princess Mononoke

Info on the god turned demon, Tatarigami, in the movie Princess Mononoke.